Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Life goes on

Life goes on and even for the ones that write the stuff... we too still have to go through the stuff. For the last month I have been doing the struggling over following Flo. Just as the rest of you, I too have times where I question what is going on and what it means. I have been going through a large learning segment of my journey. I must say that without the beliefs in place about Flo I don't know where I would be. Every morning I rise and try to be truely thankful for all that I have, the people that are in my life, the lessons I am learning and journey that lies ahead. I try to give unconditionally and love unconditionally. These I believe have kept me sane and have helped get me through the "issues" I have to work through in order to stay closer to Flo. I believe this is a common story and just wanted to say that even though I write about Flo it doesn't mean that I am free from the grips of the superficial world.

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